The lovely songstress Aneessa puts a monumental touch on the incoming year with a tantalizing new music video for her highly celebrated song Saint-Étienne. Produced by Michael B. Sutton, Saint-Étienne is an irresistible smooth groove that is sure to keep you in rewind-addiction mode. I had the blessed opportunity of writing a full review of the track that can be viewed here.

The music video for Saint-Étienne adds a wide range of depth and charm to this fabulous tune. This exhilarating presentation opens with a very alluring view of Aneessa that is somewhat similar to Sade’s early music videos. Aneessa has a gorgeous appearance that is wonderfully accented by a moving backdrop and features scenic views of Saint-Étienne. Aneessa is dressed in elegant hues that provide a delightful complement to her passionate vocal performance. Aneessa’s sigh of a hometown where happiness did not find her shapes Saint-Étienne’s theme and the sincerity of this composition.

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