The Soul Dimension: YN3 Will Run 2019

Straight out of Durham, North Carolina, Yn3 aka YungYungYungn has the world of R&B in the palm of his hands. In the tradition of earlier music legends like James Brown and Michael Jackson, Yn3 comes with a style of his own style and the soul etiquette that speaks to both the generations of today and devotees of the classic R&B era. Yn3 has put together a fabulous recipe of southern-styled melodies with down-home lyricism. Producer Devante Swing from the group Jodeci said, and I quote: “Straight from N.C., Yn3 is definitely next!”

After losing his daughter’s mother to a tragic suicide, Yn3 shifted his approach to songwriting so as to cultivate a more meaningful message behind the music to create something more of a feel-good experience. This all-encompassing perspective comes to life on hit records like Broken Love and Last Laugh. Yn3’s musical genius and festive versatility shine through on tracks like Columbia, Party Till Dawn, Get Up and Relax Let Go. 2019 is the year that Yn3 will carry R&B through the crossroads and into a new era.

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