Based out of South East London, the refreshing sounds of the rock band called The Theme have definitely given life and rebirth to the genre. The Theme has been on an ascending musical quest since their formation back in 2011. Comprised of members Paul Bassom (songwriter, guitar), Chris Daley (vocals, guitar), Peter Sim (guitar, harmonica), Ben Rutherford (bass), and Bill Snowden (drums), The Theme have performed at various public venues to the delight of many of their fans and music enthusiasts and in 2015 was the recipient of the Galaxy Award for Best EP. The Theme’s relentless creativity is behind the genius of the latest track entitled Hold Me.

Expected for upcoming release on February 15th, 2019, Hold Me is filled with musical vigor. The track starts with a sharp beat and blissful organic melody. Hold Me has a distinct structure centered on influences from the blues and elements of progressive rock that give the track modern appeal admit its nostalgic overtones. Hold Me is further enhanced by Chris Daley’s soulful vocal performance and catchy hook. Izzy Sorrell’s backing vocals add depth to this already-existing masterpiece. Hold Me by The Theme is certainly worth the embrace. For information about The Theme and updates on their new release Hold Me, please visit their Facebook page.

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