American singer and songwriter Mark Schirmacher is preparing to drop a refreshing collection of music that touches upon experiences we all share within the integration of life. His new album titled Losing Things is expected for release this upcoming September 13th, 2019. Schirmacher is known for his innovative, yet organic sound that draws heavily from Americana, folk, and folk-rock music genres.

Losing Things is a crisp ten-track effort that proves to be a musical journey of prose and excelling melodies. The album’s production is quite impressive and captures the genius of no-frills instrumentation. Losing Things opens with the dreamy track entitled Tomorrow, which sets up a bright and introspective outlook that lasts throughout the entire album. Other musical gems like Sleep and Crazy Fool provide depth to the album’s continuity. Losing Things is a masterpiece in its own right and should open new opportunities for Mark Schirmacher.


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