York Virtual Services – A Company For All Your Business Needs

As the evolution of technology continues to advance, the ways and means that we conduct business are steadily being transformed. York Virtual Services is one company that is designed to meet your business needs in this advanced technological era. York Virtual Services offers some excellent solutions for business startups and up and coming entrepreneurs, which are both cost-effective and proficient. York Virtual Services provides paralegal, administrative and business support that consists of payroll processing, employee attendance tracking, job postings/job ads management, applicant screenings, resume/profiling reviews, background checks, conducts initial phone interviews, booking in office interviews, database management of employees, drafting policies and employee manuals, data entry, property management and much more!

Amazingly, York Virtual Services really puts the pride and quality behind their work that brings satisfaction and greatness to the services that they provide for each and every client. In 2019, York Virtual Services will be expanding upon its boundaries and going commercial is the likely factor for this conglomerate company. Expect to see and hear more from York Virtual Services as its growth is imperative. For more information, please visit York Virtual Services by visiting them online:

Yadilka Reyes York
Virtual Professional
York Virtual Services, LLC.
(866) 952-8477


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