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Dust by Rob Georg: A Marvelous Song About Cowboy Life

Originally from Germany, singer and songwriter Rob Georg possesses an eclectic country music sound that is bound to be on your bucket list of must-haves. Georg often takes a practical approach to songwriting where he is able to share much of his life experience through melody. His new single Dust is a stirring testimony of this very same process.

Dust is a moving track that incorporates elements of folk and pop into its country-rock schematic. Dust covers the theme of living life as a cowboy. Georg spent a lot of time around horses. As a matter of fact, over the past ten years, he showed Cutting Horses in Europe and the USA and was on the board of the National Cutting Horse Association of Germany for 6 years, most of this time as president. Georg communicates to us from this vantage point of experience in Dust. In the opening lyric of the track, he sings; “the cowboy in the movies don’t tell you the whole story. I’m living proof, but not in it for the glory”.

The musical structure of Dust is brilliant! The song opens with an echoing electric guitar played in a country music pattern that is alluring and warm. The bassline widens the song’s depth. Georg dives into the track with a spectacular vocal performance and shapely hook where he expounds upon the title of the song. “Cowboys don’t cry, we just get dust in our eyes,” Georg sings. This seeming metaphor perfectly describes the hard work and sweat that comes with living the life of a cowboy.

Dust has an equally compelling music video, which features day-to-day tasks endured by those who walk with spurs and gloves. Dust is a sincere depiction of cowboy life and the culture that has been an inspiring part of the country music tradition. Bravo!


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