Gary Douglas certainly deserves a salute of praise. This is one musical crusader who uses his talents to create change in the world. Douglas is an attorney who fights for workers’ rights. He is an excellent lawyer and an equally great musician, singer, and songwriter. What is even more astonishing is how Douglas is able to draw from both of these aspects of life to create songs with meaning, something that everyone can enjoy and embellish.

In 2019, The Gary Douglas Band has given us both a melody and the words to start the year off right in the song Million Miles Away. Led by Gary Douglas (guitar, lead vocals), members Jeremy Goldsmith (electric guitar), Nicolas Biello (reeds and keys), Dan Asher (bass), Tom Curiano (drums), Sebastien Ammann (keys), and Jessica Antonette (backing vocals) of The Gary Douglas Band have procured a incredible sound that is a fusion of folk, rhythm and blues, and rock music genres for an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Million Miles Away is a rich organic melody made whole by its invigorating piano measures and acoustic instrumentation. This is a well-produced record. Listeners will feel like they are watching the band live. Lead singer Gary Douglas takes this track to unprecedented levels with an amazing performance in song and an equal serving of lyrical content. Million Miles Away talks about our faith in humanity and in ourselves as an individual, a nation, and a world. Do we have enough faith in ourselves to forgive one another? The Gary Douglas Band reassures us that as long as we can see the stars, are connected to the stars, then within this light there is hope for us all, a Million Miles Away.

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