Love Stallion’s progressive rock sound is as energetic as it is inspiring. The group’s musical endeavors never cease to evolve. Led by the creative endeavors of Aaron Hart (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), and backed by a performing band consisting of Tay Hamilton (lead guitar, backing vocals), Seth Cross (drums), and Sabrina Beaudoin (bass, backing vocals), Love Stallion’s brand hard rock extravaganza is one of the finest offerings to date. After a brief review of their awesome single titled Big Rock Radio, I instantly became a fan.

Love Stallion continues their rock music for rock purists’ campaign with the release of a fierce single titled Valentine. The track is off of the group’s Unforgettable Ride album. The track has an impeccable groove and impressive lyricism. Valentine is a love groove that is oozing with rhythm. The song has a steady beat that is wonderfully supplemented by some really good percussion. Guitar riffs flare across the background that breakdown to a captivating lead later in the song. Hart’s vocal is superb and very picturesque. Valentine is that one rock song that captures the hearts of us all.

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