12 Weeks of Summer (EP)

12 Weeks of Summer (EP) by Chad Rico

College professor, entrepreneur, producer, and rap artist extraordinaire Chad Rico gears up for the summer break of 2019 with a new EP titled 12 Weeks of Summer. The marketing for the new project follows the ingenious scheme of releasing a new single each week.  Legend In The Coupe, the debut track, was released on June 14. Follow up song assignments for the first four weeks include Pure Highbury on June 21, Charge It to the Game on June 28, and Don’t Trust You on July 15. I had the honor of hosting an exclusive interview with Chad Rico back in February of 2019 and can attest to the artistic depth of the aspiring emcee.

12 Weeks of Summer unveils Chad Rico’s intense passion for lyricism and his evolving expertise as a songwriter. The musical production vibrates to a drum draped plush urban grooves. The EP opens up with the banging and braggadocious Legend In A Coupe, which features some superb bars from Kam Krzy. The track is filled intrigue and a monstrous beat. 12 Weeks of Summer is loaded with musical gems and dimensional urban landscapes. Chad Rico remains on top of his game as the plot thickens within this recipe called success.

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