College professor and rap artist Chad Rico return to the world of music as promised. I had the recent honor of reviewing the first four singles from his epic album 12 Weeks of Summer. The marketing of the album calls for the release of a single each week, which we covered in the initial review of the album. In this segment of the review of 12 Weeks of Summer, we will discuss the upcoming releases of “How You Make It” on 7/12/19, “Barbados” on 7/19/19, “All the Love” on 7/26/19 and “International Gentleman” on 8/2/19.

How You Make It is a song for the times that explores the passionate yearnings and epic twerking skills of a nice hottie. The music is a charm. Barbados is a tremendous track and gives attention to one of the countries that have remained off the hip-hop radar until Chad Rico’s offering. All The Love secures the theme of this segment of 12 Weeks of Summer as relating to summer love. Chad Rico sums up this segment with the soulful International Gentleman affords Chad Rico to spit forth his urban bravado in classic elegant form. !2 Weeks of Summer is an impressive effort that continues to unfold.


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