contemporary music

For A Lifetime by Piper Landon

Piper Landon has certainly mastered the craft of irresistibility with her raw talent and charm. Piper’s passion for music has taken her from a small town in Kansas to a life of global performance. As a multi-talented artist holding a marriage contract with music, it should be noted that Piper’s creative expressions also include acting, film, and television. I had the honor of being able to learn about Piper and her music in my review of the single How’s It Workin’. For You back in 2017. Piper now returns to the music world with a heartthrob melody for the world entitled For A Lifetime.

For A Lifetime is a soulful expression of pop music elegance. This enchanting groove keeps us intrigued with its free-spirited instrumentation that is deftly fused with a melodious electronic backdrop. For A Lifetime has stirring percussion sounds and a fabulous bassline, which all serve as a platform for Piper’s expertise in song. Amazing, we find a love song that speaks of the beauty of tr4ue love and its unswerving loyalty enveloped into the song’s hook and overall mood. Piper Landon is able to impart love’s time-honored attributes in For A Lifetime.

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