Joe Hanson’s excelling work as a musician and performer owes much credit to the traditional values he has been able to implement in life along with his love for God and country. This seemingly youthful music veteran’s career is off to a great start. Hanson was invited by California talent executives to audition for the hit tv show “The Voice”. He would later appear directly in front of the iconic Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan of American Idol. Hanson’s love for country music has not only open doors form him but has been the catalyst behind his great catalyst for music. Hanson’s new single titled If The World Was A Small Town is a formidable expression of his creative genius.

If The World Was A Small Town is an exhilarating track that best falls under the genre of country and more specifically country-rock music. If The World Was A Small Town follows the traditional country music structure. However, it is within the song’s execution that we find qualities of sonic innovation. This electric-guitar smorgasbord is blessed with the voice and charisma of Joe Hanson, whose performance is captivating. Joe Hanson has a soulful charisma that gives If The World Was A Small Town as a life of its own.


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