The Brilliance is a cool musical outfit that uses their talent to bring awareness to some of the world’s greater social issues, but also empathy for many people that are oppressed by modern commercial and political structures. Comprised of life long friends John Arndt (keys, vocals) and David Gungor (guitar, vocals), The Brilliance is an artistic duo that are serious about their craft and its spiritual value. The group’s recent offering titled Oh Dreamer.

As a single from the album entitled Suite No.1: Oh Dreamer, Oh Dreamer is an eloquent tune that discusses some of the complexities and controversies surround issues of immigration. The track is also a refreshing reminder of many of the principles surrounding the founding of America. Oh Dreamer is a soulful appeal for justice in such circumstances. The musical landscape behind the song has a strong pop appeal but very inventive in its execution.  Oh Dreamer has a great music video that features the highly-talented Diana Gameros, who immigrated to the Bay Area from her native town of Juarez, Mexico.


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