Red Tan is a phenomenal artist, who earns my highest respect for keeping her resolve to pursue her dream even in the face of tragedy. Back in 2017, Red Tan’s husband succumbed to dengue, which left her as a single mom and widow. During this period of turmoil, Red Tan found the strength to adhere to her life’s purpose. Approximately two years later, her career is blossoming more than ever.

In 2018, Red Tan received Broadway and Contemporary medals from World Championships of Performing Arts 2018 held in Longbeach, California. Red Tan’s website describes her as a “self-made lounge singer, concert producer, entrepreneur (CEO of Great Leap Academy) and childhood music teacher whose repertoire runs from jazz, mainstream, swing, standards as well as musicals”. The Filipina’s creative genius shines through her music and latest single titled Don’t You Dare!

Don’t You Dare! has a solid groove that will certainly grab your attention. The track’s musical landscape is very soulful and has a feel of pop/r&b music. For the most part, the music is crafted by the skillful use of electronic instrumentation. The beat is crafty and would certainly add bounce to any dancefloor. Red Tan offers a very impressive vocal performance and equally gives “Don’t You Dare!” an edge that listeners will find delightful, but also a glimpse into her plight. Don’t You Dare! by Red Tan is the melodic promise that keeps music lovers wanting more.

Red Tan’s Website

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