Based out of Te Aroha, New Zealand, James Brodie aka Ivy Blue is a one-man band of sorts, often inviting collaborating with other musicians, who remain anonymous. Ivy Blue’s creative vibe is captured in the course of his musical career, which at the time of this writing has resulted in the release of eight albums and one EP. Ivy Blue’s latest work is a new album comprised of twelve tracks entitled Elstow Stars.

Elstow Stars is an enthralling effort by Ivy Blue, as he was able to bring together 12 different producers from around the world to mix a song each for the album and give their own interpretation of Ivy Blue’s work. The album’s musical landscape embraces the freedom enjoyed by progressive rock purists. Elstow Stars maintains a very free-flowing energy and an organic flare of instrumentation. The electric guitars are crisp and the blissful melodies we discover on tracks like Miracles and Tears Of The Ocean are very captivating. Ivy Blue certainly keeps a few surprises in store in this awe-inspiring journey.

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