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Setting The Record Straight: The Real Black Panthers Ain’t In Wakanda by Ngoma

Members of the Black Panthers line up at a rally at DeFremery Park in Oakland, Calif.

Many may remember much of the commotion, controversy, and debates surrounding the movie Blank Panther That was released in January of 2018. Despite the legacy of the historic Black Panthers, whose ideology and philosophy captured the essence of pride for African American people during the late-60’s to early-70’s, it seems like much of what they set out to achieve and accomplish is being gentrified through entertainment. Today, the press has turned a blind eye to the voice of the people and its leaders in favor of modern-day court jesters, namely, entertainers, rappers, and sports figures. This is how the civil rights movement is being gentrified. Thankfully, artists like Ngoma are speaking out in the wake of it all.

The Real Black Panthers Ain’t in Wakanda is an epic poem by the legendary poet Ngoma. As the Godfather of Spoken Word, Ngoma has a way with words and is able to drive the nail through the heart of the subject each and every time. The Real Black Panthers Ain’t In Wakanda is from Ngoma’s award-winning album titled “Conversation With Esu“. The piece is fused with a psychedelic and soulful musical landscape created by Ngoma, who happens to be a superb multi-instrumentalist. The Real Black Panthers Ain’t in Wakanda is a historic reminder of the fight for freedom that the Black Panthers did pursue. Ngoma’s message is more crucial than ever as the powers that be seek to usurp the battle fought on soil and replace it with a televised screen view. The track’s funky groove and crafty violin-play create a strong visual as Ngoma’s words guide us through the real epic accredited to the Black Panthers. This composition is further enhanced by means of a music video. The Real Black Panthers Ain’t in Wakanda by Ngoma is a must-have for all those claiming to be woke!

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