Based out of Miami, Florida, the multi-talented rap artist known as Video 4.0 has a golden bar-imbued style of lyricism that keeps audiences in the motion of bounce. As a strategist of the rap game, Video 4.0 credits his love for football as one sport that prepared him for some of life’s lessons, including the timeliness of creating music. His recent track Like Dat is a fiery track that bears witness to his genius as a rap artist.

Like Dat starts with an enchanting groove that will keep you in head-nod mode. As we slide into the layered opening hook, it is evident Video 4.0 is a youthful veteran behind the mic. Video 4.0 comes hard with a cinematic cadence, wherein he is able to transport braggadocious visions to his audience. Like Dat affords  Video 4.0’s the room to elaborate on what is and isn’t going down in his world. There are quite a few “Like Dat” titles in the world, but none that come close to the realism of everyday life, for better or worse, that Video 4.0

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