Taking the world by storm with his festive soundscapes and organic grooves, the Netherlands-based deejay/producer Dimi Jazzmon gives he music world a priceless treasure chest of sound upon the release of his new EP titled Other Side Of Time. This transformative musical journey will lift your soul to new and unbelievable heights.

Jazzmon produces music with the intangible craftiness of a fine tailored-made melody which contributes to the richness of deep house in a brand new way. I had the honor of hosting an interview with Jazzmon shortly after reviewing his monstrous hit Second Chance, which featured the poetic genius of spoken word artist Tantra Zawadi. Other Side Of Time is a masterpiece comprised of four vibrant tracks that stand as one of the greatest efforts house music has ever known.

Other Side Of Time opens with its title track that turns out to be a rich synthesis of jungle and house elements. Jazzmon’s picturesque composition is further enhanced by a vocal sample and dialogue from the legendary jazz musician Sun Ra and movie Space Is The Place. It’s refreshing to celebrate Jazzmon’s triumphant return in an eternal bliss of strong rhythms and melody.

The EP’s continuity is incredible and demonstrates Jazzmon’s articulate taste in sound. Behind The Neon adds a vibrant nocturnal journey to the Other Side Of Time‘s endless journey. Unconstricted follows with a bright richness and incomparable musical structure that will keep you in awe and on the dance floor. Jazzmon concludes the EP with Reminiscing The Nine – Three, a soulful and invigorating composition that exemplifies some of the best sounds that house music has to offer.

Other Side of Time is an organic musical masterpiece and an amazing label debut by Dimi Jazzmon. Other Side of Time is a strong testimony of the depths that spirited musical compositions can take the soul upon while enhancing our very own life experience.

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