Being a successful entrepreneur is something that takes a considerable amount of focus, resolve, and a consistent level of transformation. Israeli businessman Max Shapira has developed a platform for entrepreneurs that will greatly enhance their success. This revolutionary business concept and startup by Shapira is called Winoutt.Com. Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Max Shapira about this amazing business venture and the founding of Winoutt.Com. I’m sure you will find his insights very helpful.

Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time out and share some of your insights and life with our readers. However, for some who may not be familiar with your work, please introduce yourself. Who is Max Shapira?

Max Shapira: I am an Israeli entrepreneur and avid reader who aspires to make an impact in this world. When I was younger, I had multiple goals: to build a recording studio and become an R&B singer, start a drop-shipping business, start an Amazon FBA business, and most recently, to launch my own perfume line. They all were failures. Sure, I had some small wins, but if we look at the big picture, I failed. Most importantly, I failed forward. I didn’t quit. Candidly, my biggest problem was that I always followed “do what you love” rather than being oriented and focused toward “do what brings value”. Sadly, it took me several years to grasp that and shift my mindset, but it also helped me to end up with one simple goal – become valuable to the marketplace.

Warlock Asylum: I can certainly attest that entrepreneurship is a journey. Tell us a little about your experience. How did you make the switch from being a recording artist to renewing your focus to business endeavors?

Max Shapira: I simply didn’t have a voice and perform live could be a struggle. Thus, I decided it would be better to look into other great opportunities, which I did, and failed a couple of times – but it’s just part of life. You can’t achieve success until you achieve massive failure.   

Warlock Asylum: You’ve recently formed your own company called that is based on some very brilliant concepts. Please tell us more about the company and what inspired you to create it.

Max Shapira: is a social networking platform for aspiring and established entrepreneurs who connect, collaborate, and lead the way in innovation and life transformation. It allows entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and investors to share their visions, ideas, experiences, and solve shared problems. Our mission is to become a worldwide community, a place to learn, grow, and succeed in any desired industry.

I felt there is a need for this kind of platform. It seemed like there was no proper virtual shared workspace/safe space for entrepreneurs to collaborate and co-learn without the competition factor of traditional social media outlets. Moreover, create an inviting platform to encourage millennials to look more into entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are changing the world. We need more of them for our future society. 

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the benefits that has to offer?

Max Shapira: There are far too many, some of them I’ve already mentioned. But if we look closer, Winoutt could encourage millennials and other people, of course, to read books, learn from each other, build good habits, and take action in the real world – solve problems, create value – that is what it’s all about. Members will be empowered to upgrade their lives but also to impact the world around them.

Warlock Asylum: Before starting, you made other attempts to start a business. What makes different than your previous business aspirations?

Max Shapira: This time my focus is not on “do what you love”, now it’s about creating real value, do what contributes. As I mentioned in the beginning, my goal is to become valuable to the marketplace.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the lessons that you’ve learned about business and life since the founding of Winoutt?

Max Shapira: I can’t really tell because I just have started and is still in its nascent stages. However, I can tell from my prior attempts to start a business, I learned that you can learn to do anything. I didn’t have a clue how to record my own songs, yet I became great at mixing and mastering songs as a professional. As for Winoutt, I learned to code and still learning, I was able to find great resources. You can learn to do anything you want. But not only that, but you also can become excellent at it.


Warlock Asylum: In what ways have your relationships with family and friends changed since becoming an entrepreneur?

Max Shapira: Frankly, I don’t have friends because I always say “NO” – No, I don’t have time for parties. No, I don’t want to go out and waste my time in the local Pub. No, I simply say “NO” unless it relates to achieving success. I spend less time with my family as well, but because I know what must be done for me to succeed. I embrace the sacrifices, as it part of the road to success. 

Warlock Asylum: What were some things that you had to change in your personal life in order to gain success as an entrepreneur?

Max Shapira: Disconnect from everything and almost everybody. You have to have laser focus if you want to become successful. Established entrepreneurs saying that the first 5 years are hard as hell. I’m now in my first year and have another four to go. Yes!

Warlock Asylum: What value does time have in your life and how are you able to make it work for you?

Max Shapira: I frequently say ‘no’ to a lot of things (sometimes using a myriad of NO’s). Eliminate the unnecessary and delegate. The truth is that when you are first starting out, and when you are considered as a novice entrepreneur, you are doing almost everything by yourself. However, I’m always trying to narrow my priorities to shift my focus on the top three. As Jim Collins once said, “if you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.”

Warlock Asylum: What advice would give to a person that is aspiring to start their own business? Any final thoughts?

Max Shapira: There is a great quote from Keith J. Cunningham “Success rarely has anything to do with what you do and almost always has everything to do with how you do it.” It doesn’t matter which business you choose – fast food or software, success is not a result of what you do, it’s how you do it.

Thanks, Max Shapira for sharing some of your business expertise with our readers and for such a great contribution to the business world. We wish you all the best in your earthly endeavors.

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