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William S. Baek. Creates An EDM Masterpiece With His New Track Kenotic


The world of electronic dance music comes to life with the release of Kenotic by neurologist, singer, and songwriter William S. Baek. As a multi-talented genius, Baek has procured a very cultured sound that is compelling. Additionally, Baek often transitions between New York City and Seoul. This fusion of home turfs has worked well in expanding the horizons of Baek’s productions.

Kenotic is a single of Baek’s masterful album titled Humanity. The track is a textured EDM groove with soulful r&b overtones. The rhythm is extremely catchy and is further enhanced by Baek’s vocal performance. Kenotic is an oasis of emotional and musical release with extravagant measures of synth and keyboard that finds kinship with a thumping bassline and appropriate drum patterns. Kenotic by William S. Baek is a vibrant tune and melodic gem for devotees of electronic music.