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Velodrone’s New Self-Titled Album Is A Winner!


Comprised of members Marisa Dewa (guitar/vocals), Danielle Casenas (bass/backing vocals), and Zachary Bernstein (drums, backup vocals), Velodrone is a dynamic rock trio from Los Angeles with a compelling new self-titled album. Led by the musical charms of Oberlin Conservatory grad Marisa Dewa, “This all started when I stumbled upon some old cassettes of demos that I had done with a previous band of mine from the late ‘90s. It sparked something inside of me and made me want to play again. I couldn’t resist that pull—once a musician, always a musician.”

Velodrone is an instant favorite. It is almost as if this band held onto their catalog like aging wine. This album has a vintage feel and each song possesses a precipitous structure. The 10-track epic journey totes strong musical continuity. Velodrone is able to capture our attention with a sound recording that heavily simulates a live show, brandishing fuzzed-out guitar riffs and raw harmonious vocals. Velodrone’s garage-like sound is totally irresistible. This is an avant-garde masterpiece that you do not want to miss!