The First Lady of Hip Hop Miranda Writes returns with her own dose of Christmas cheer in loving rap music fashion titled Christmas Time (feat. Ethan & Raymaster X). In recent years, the lyrical diva has become an underground sensation with a string of rhythmic classics that exemplify her evolving sound

After an intense year of uncertainty, Miranda Writes brings a ton of happiness. and festive spirit in the rap song with comrades Raymaster X and Ethan. It’s a fun-loving track with an eclectic baseline and drum pattern. Miranda definitely possesses the “I got this” grin throughout the video and does a fabulous job in laying down harmonies, overdubs, and an appropriate verse for the occasion. Ethan adds to the flavor of the track with a balance of bars and prose for that perfect family affair. Christmas Time is a special rap song that carries an equal portion of celebrative and healing properties for lovers of scrumptious grooves. Bravo!


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