Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for this honor and opportunity to gain insight into your amazing career and story. How would describe yourself? Who is Willie Dell Davis IV?

Willie Dell Davis: Willie Dell Davis, IV is an Actor, Author, Poet, Recording Artist born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan now living in Atlanta. Older brother to 2 very accomplished sisters and very protective of both as a big brother should be. I have 5 books published, 8 albums released, and have a number of stage and film productions under my belt. If I can use this word freely on here, I was that street thug that no one thought would ever be something positive. But here I am. I am a very dedicated, loyal person that would never turn my back on anyone in need and want to do what I can to give back to others the way that those opened doors to me.

Warlock Asylum: In what ways did your formative years contribute to the person that you are today?

Willie Dell Davis: Those days contributed a lot because I wasn’t always the person that you’re interviewing. I went through a lot and have done a lot. I was a member of so many “groups” growing up but those “groups” gave me the identity and persona that I still carry to this day. I just found a way to make it into something more powerful, meaningful instead of what it used to be. Do people ask if you could go back and change anything in your past what would it be? My response is that I wouldn’t change anything because those life experiences and tests made me who I am for better or for worse. Fortunately, it’s been for the better.

Warlock Asylum: What led to your interest in music and the arts?

Willie Dell Davis: My mother was the biggest inspiration for my music. She was a gospel singer when I was growing up. Not a famous one but she did enough. One day, I found an album with her picture on it. That’s what made me want to do music. The acting I fell into completely by accident. Out of curiosity and it’s been working well for me ever since. Curiosity didn’t kill this particular cat!…lol

Warlock Asylum: As a multifaceted artist, what creative field or artform captures your persona the most?

Willie Dell Davis: It’s hard to say. Music and acting present different arenas and different mindsets, levels of creativity. In the beginning, it was the music. It was my way of being seen and heard and dealing with things and feelings going on in my life. The acting is another extension of it but with acting, I totally get immersed in my character. I literally step out of me and become someone else. So, each one captures me differently. I can’t really choose one over the other.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the obstacles that you had to overcome in order to make your career a reality?

Willie Dell Davis: Lack of support of family. Well, some members of my family thought that I was wasting my time and energy with the music. So-called friends, the same thing. Everyone giving that fake sense of support from a distance but not really as down for you as they say. More in word than in action. The ‘no’s” that you get from auditioning also makes you question yourself and your confidence in what you do but it’s something that you have to overcome if it’s what you truly want.

Warlock Asylum: When did your interest in writing begin? What are some of the themes covered in your writing?

Willie Dell Davis: I used to write poetry in school. The guys would ask me to write for the girl that they were interested in so I’ve always written. But officially, the release of LOVE FOR THE GAME was my first real attempt. It actually started as a short story that I submitted out of boredom to a writing contest being run by CREATIVE LOAFING an entertainment magazine here in Atlanta. I didn’t win but I got mentioned so it prompted me to go further and here we are 5 books later with a 6th one in the process. I write though about anything and everything. My poetry encompassed hurt, pain, rejection, love, feelings of inadequacy, even suicide. LOVE FOR THE GAME is a gangster novel, BRUTAL is a psychological thriller, and CONFESSIONS FROM THE FLIPSIDE OF LOVE Vols. 1 and 2 are my poetry.

Warlock Asylum: You are currently the star of the new sitcom on Apple TV and Amazon called “JARRETT” and are about to start filming his latest project “JUST AS GOOD”. What is it about acting that you find most enjoyable?

Willie Dell Davis: I love the art of being and becoming someone else. Being the reason that someone can take their mind off of their day by watching us Actors do what we do. Sometimes, maybe even see yourself in one of the characters. I love the challenge of bringing that person into life and making them as real as possible. As believable as I can make them. It’s just fun all of the ways around.

Warlock Asylum: How can our readers keep up to date with the latest events surrounding your work? Any final thoughts?

Willie Dell Davis: I can be followed on all social media. Musically, everything is NXICON. Acting: on Facebook, it WillD4TheActor and on IG:theactorwillied Thank you for the awesome opportunity for this interview!


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