As media experts and New York City police prepare for various imaginings of domestic turbulence, due to former President Donald Trump’s surrender and arraignment, expected to occur on April 4th, 2023, both politicians and the press have kept relatively silent about the dangers of political assassination during this unprecedented time. Coincidentally, fifty-five years before the expectant date of Trump’s arrest, the renowned civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. While I am often baffled by the Manhattan DA’s flirtatious relationship with mental illness, which often erupts in his desire to turn felonies into misdemeanors, it is quite appalling that Alvin Bragg’s only possible career highlight would come on the anniversary of the death of the most popular African American leader in history.

Oftentimes, when the topic of presidential assassinations arises or is speculated upon, the first figure that comes to mind is the late John F. Kennedy. If Kennedy and Trump had anything in common, it would be their love for amorous affairs and adventures. Perhaps in Kennedy’s case, this may have been a bit fatal, to say the least, as some conspiracy theories would have us believe. Trump supporters believe that the indictment and charges levied against Trump are a sly mechanism to prevent him from being able to run for reelection. But what if the opposition that Trump is facing was about something else: During his last speech, the late President Kennedy said: “In today’s world, freedom can be lost without a shot being fired, by ballots as well as bullets”.

Assassinations make sense when they don’t make much sense at all. For example, if you were trying to make a former President feel safe in a dangerous environment, what would you do? Maybe a liberal-loving, crime-lenient Manhattan DA would resurrect a case against the former President that he didn’t think would be important enough to pursue eight months prior. It seems odd for any official of justice to do, but for Bragg it’s normalized. Remember, Bragg wanted to turn armed robbery into a misdemeanor when he first took office along with other things. However, after an unprecedented level of outrage from residents of New York City and law enforcement officials, he reversed “some” of the policies that he was going to implement. Indeed, Bragg is an unstable one.

So now that this former President is in dangerous territory, what do you do next? Well, like the John F. Kennedy assassination you either provide him with new security or position him where the security he has cannot protect him to the best of their ability. But what would an assassination of a former president do due to America? Complete anarchy!

Let’s pause for a moment. Remember when President Obama was in office, and some people speculated that if Obama was assassinated it would cause a race war? Didn’t happen. However, if Trump were assassinated at this point and time, it would cause complete anarchy, and possibly a civil war – the heterosexuals versus the transsexuals! Imagine an armed platoon of Christians warring against sasquatch-sized shemales with Farrah Fawcett haircuts and David-and-Goliath slingshot penises, who are ready to snatch a cis woman’s ovaries right out of her womb. They are turning Negro spirituals into slogans of “say that you’re a natural-born woman again and I’ll slap the shit out of you bitch!” Look at what the world has turned into for the delight and ecstasy of foreign powers.

An assassination of this magnitude would leave the United States desolate and a victim to the political Legion of Doom (China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Saudi Arabia). Hopefully, things won’t turn violent, but if they did then it could be ascertained that several members of the Democratic Party are under the influence of accepting contributions made below the table.

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