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Kicked Out Of Heaven Series

Kicked Out Of Heaven Series is created and developed by researcher Keenan Booker a.k.a. The God 720. The series delves into the explicit nature of Medieval Europe and its culture. Below is a list of articles that appear in the text:

How starving Russians became CANNIBALS and sold human body parts as meat in World Cup city where England clash with Sweden

Chilling witch skeleton found with drill holes in her bones so she couldn’t rise from the dead

Man Suspected of Killing 21 Co-Workers by Poisoning Their Food: Authorities – ABC News

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to Republicans: Stop Peddling Lies About A Phony Witch Hunt

Child In Idaho Recovering From The Plague, The State’s Second Case Since 1990: Officials – ABC News

Technology And The Witch: How The Modern World Is Shaping Occultism

Wolves in France: Farmers fear attacks