Greetings! I would like to welcome all to the GateWalker’s Info Page. This is our fifth discussion about the Four Directional Gates, as found in the Simon Necronomicon. if this is your first time visiting us, please begin your journey by reviewing the articles listed on the right of this page. We will now begin our fifth discussion by examining the West Gate.


Seal of the West Gate
Element= Water
Color= Blue
Season= Autumn
Waning Moon
Description of the West gate is given alchemically in the 4th section of the MAGAN Text entitled, Of the Sleep of ISHTAR.

ENLIL was considered to be a storm god by the ancient people of Mesopotamia.  This would explain his placement with the west, as storms were symbolic of emotions. This would also explain why the west is equated with water, which also corresponds to the constellation of Scorpio in this case.

ENLIL was responsible for the order and harmony in the universe, but as a god of storms and winds he brought terrible destruction.  His season is Autumn. This is a time of harvest and also a time where things pass away.. It is interesting to note the words, as found in the Invocation of the Western Gate. The Invocation implies protection from the ‘Wrath of ERESHKIGAL.’ The Invocation also lists ‘negative’ elements to protect oneself against, which are the Baneful Look, Baneful Word, the Baneful Name, the Baneful Shape, and etc. The list of these ‘baneful’ things are the negative effects when working a Gate, or of the star itself. These are the Shadow aspects of what is mentioned

in the MAGAN Text on page 156::


Our Master
Fearing defeat, summoned his Son
Summoned his Son
The Son of Magick
Told him the Secret Name
The Secret Number
The Secret Shape
Whereby he might do battle
With the Ancient Horde
And be victorious.”

Now let us look at what is stated in the Invocation of the Western Gate on page 103:

From the Baneful Look, the Baneful Word, the Baneful Name, the Baneful Number, the Baneful Shape, protect me!”

The four elements mentioned in the quote above, Name, Number, Shape, and Word, are the different elements that make up a “Gate,” as described in the Simon Necronomicon. These are the same elements that are mentioned in the Invocation of the Western Gate.  This is further evidence that “Gates” have benevolent and malevolent sides, and that the Ancient Ones are nothing more than shadow sides of the Elder Gods.  It is interesting to note that while ENKI taught MARDUK these secrets, as well as, man in general, ENLIL’s relationship with man is somewhat different.

While ENLIL was considered a major deity in the Sumerian Pantheon, and one that was addressed when concerns about prosperity were in question, ENLIL also wanted to bring destruction to the human race. ANU and ENLIL are not as compassionate towards human beings as Father ENKI is. ENLIL is rarely mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon, other than calling upon him in times of need. However, the adverse effects of the ‘storm god’ are indeed tremendous. We are reminded of ENLIL’s wrath in the MAKLU Text, as found in the Simon Necronomicon on page 84:


(To be recited each year, when the Bear hangs from its Tail in the Heavens)

Destructive Storms and Evil Winds are they
An evil blast, herald of the baneful storm
An evil blast, forerunner of the baneful storm
They are mighty children, Ancient Ones
Heralds of Pestilence
Throne-bearers of NINNKIGAL
They are the flood which rusheth through the Land..”

The West Gate also symbolizes a time of transition, as the Initiate prepares for transformation. We find the West gate corresponds to the fourth section in the MAGAN Text, entitled Of the Sleep of ISHTAR. Notic page 166 in the Simon Necronomicon:

Queen of Heaven
Bright Light of Nights
Mistress of the Gods
Set her mind in that direction
From Above she set her mind,
To Below she set her mind
From the Heavens she set forth
To the Abyss
Out of the Gates of the Living
To enter the Gates of Death
Out of the Lands we know
Into the Lands we know not
To the Land of No Return
To the Land of Queen ERESHKIGAL
ISHTAR, Queen of Heavens, she set her mind
ISHTAR, Daughter of SIN, she set forth
To the Black Earth, the Land of CUTHA
She set forth
To the House of No Return she set her foot
Upon the Road whence None Return
She set her foot
To the Cave, forever unlit
Where bowls of clay are heaped upon the alter
Where bowls of dust are the food
Of residents clothed only in wings
To ABSU ISHTAR set forth.
Where sleeps the dread CUTHALU
ISHTAR set forth.”

We will discuss more facets of the West Gate and the historical authenticity of the Simon Necronomicon’s use of the Four Directional Gates in our concluding discussion







  1. Warlock, you amaze me.. I was currently doing research on the Deity of this particular Gate, and I came to the same conclusion, that being Enlil. However, I was unable to verify my findings. Therefore, I am very happy to see that some of my conclusions are now verified by this article.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Yes! Looks like you received your subscription from the DinGir. So it is we receive the same information by way of Epiphany

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