And I have seen them turn into many strange kinds of beast as they gathered in their appointed places, the Temples of Offal, whereupon horns grew from heads that had not horns, and teeth from mouths that had not such teeth, and hands become as the talons of eagles or the claws of dogs that roam the desert areas, mad and howling, like unto those who even now call my name outside this room!



we would like to welcome everyone to the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Info Page. here we discuss insights concerning the Necronomicon Tradition, whether one is just curious, or an Initiate of the Sumerian Pantheon. Enjoy. 

One of the interesting things that I have heard some Initiates of the system complain about is that the deities invoked in the Necronomicon (Qliphotic) pantheon are not easily controlled. Many who are familiar with the text, are sure to be reminded of the Mad Arab’s words that follow: 

“Remember, always, in every empty moment, to call upon the Gods not to forget thee, for they are forgetful and very far away. Light thy fires high in the hills, and on the tops of temples and pyramids, that they may see and remember.” 

This is a reminder that the deities in the Necronomicon Pantheon are not spirits, as in the case of Ceremonial Magick, that are subject to the Initiate in the Western sense of the term. It should be remembered that when and individual chooses this Tradition as their path and Walks through the Seven Gates of  self-initiation, they become citizens of a spiritual society and subject to Divine Law.  

Divine Law is communicated  by a particular deity to the Initiate via revelation. Within the Necronomicon Tradition, these law usually comes through to the Initiate via dreams, as in the cliche, Dead, But Dreaming. In the Book of Calling, the Mad Arab reveals the law of each Gate, which goes as follows: 

( Nanna Gate) Know, first, that the Power of the Conquerors is the Power of the Magick, and that the stricken gods will ever tempt thee away from the Legions of the Mighty, and that you will feel the subtle fluids of thy body moving to the breath of TIAMAT and the Blood of KINGU who races in your veins. Be ever watchful, therefore, not to open this Gate, or, if thou must needs, put a time for its closing before the rising of the Sun, and seal it at that time; for to leave it open is to be the agent of CHAOS. 

( Nebo Gate ) Know, secondly, that the Power of Magick is the Power of Our Master ENKI, Lord of the Seas, and Master of Magick, Father of MARDUK, Fashioner of the Magick Name, the Magick Number, the Magick Word, the Magick Shape. So, therefore, the Priest who governeth the works of Fire, and of the God of Fire, GISHBAR called GIBIL, must firstly sprinkle with the Water of the Seas of ENKI, as a testament to his Lordship and a sign of the Covenant that exists between him and thee. 

( Ishtar Gate ) Know, thirdly, that by the Power of the Elder Gods and the submission of the Ancient Ones, thou mayest procure every type of honour, dignity, wealth and happiness, but that these are to be shunned as the Purveyors of Death, for the most radiant jewels are to be found buried deep in the Earth, and the Tomb of Man is the Splendour of ERESHKIGAL, the joy of KUTULU, the food of AZAG-THOTH…. Therefore, thine obligation is as of the Gatekeep of the Inside, agent of MARDUK, servant of ENKI, for the Gods are forgetful, and very far away, and it was to the Priests of the Flame that Covenant was given to seal the Gates between this World and the Other, and to keep Watch thereby, through this Night of Time, and the Circle of Magick is the Barrier, the Temple, and the Gate between the Worlds. 

( Shammash Gate ) Know, fourthly, that it is become the obligation of the Priests of the Flame and the Sword, and of all Magick, to bring their Power to the Underworld and keep it chained thereby, for the Underworld is surely the Gate Forgotten, by which the Ancient Ones ever seek Entrance to the Land of the Living, And the Ministers of ABSU are clearly walking the Earth, riding on the Air, and upon the Earth, and sailing silently through the Water, and roaring in the Fire, and all these Spirits must be brought to subjection to the Person of the Priest of Magick, before any else. Or the Priest becomes prey to the Eye of Death of the Seven ANNUNNAKI, Lord of the Underworld, Ministers of the Queen of Hell. 

( Nergal Gate ) Know, fifthly, that the worshippers of TIAMAT are abroad in the world, and will give fight to the Magician. Lo, they have worshipped the Serpent from Ancient Times, and have always been with us. And they are to be known by their seeming human appearance which has the mark of the Beast upon them, as they change easily into the Shapes of animals and haunt the Nights of Men and by their odour, which comes of burning incenses unlawful to the worship of the Elder Ones. And their Books are the Books of CHAOS and the flames, and are the Books of the Shadows and the Shells. And they worship the heaving earth and the ripping sky and the rampant flame and the flooding waters; and they are the raisers of the legions of maskim, the Liers-In-Wait. And they do not know what it is they do, but they do it at the demands of the Serpent, at whose Name even ERESHKIGAL gives fright, and the dread KUTULU strains at his bonds:…MUMMU TIAMAT Queen of the Ancient Ones! 

( Marduk Gate ) Know, sixthly, that thou shalt not seek the operations of this Magick save by the rules and governments set down herein, for to do other is to take the most awful risk, for thyself and for all mankind. Therefore, heed these words carefully, and change not the words of the incantations, whether thou understand them, or understand them not, for they are the words of the Pacts made of Old, and before Time. So, say them softly if the formula is “softly”, or shout them aloud if the formula is “aloud”, but change not one measure lest thou call something Else, and it be your final hour. 

( Adar Gate ) Know, seventhly, of the Things thou art to expect in the commission of this Most sacred Magick. Study the symbols well, and do not be afraid of any awful spectre that shall invade thine operation, or haunt thine habitat by day or by night. Only charge them with them the words of the Covenant and they will do as you ask, of thou be strong. And if thou performest these operations often, thou shalt see things becoming dark; and the Wanderers in their Spheres shall no more be seen by thee; and the Stars in their places will lose their Light, and the Moon, NANNA, by whom thou also workest, shall become black and extinguished, And around thee shall appear the Flame, like Lightning flashing in all directions, and all things will appear amid thunders, and from the Cavities of the Earth will leap forth the ANNUNNAKI, Dog-Faced, and thou shalt bring them down….AND ARATAGAR SHALL BE NO MORE, AND THE EARTH SHALL ABIDE NOT 



A careful study of the above principles also illustrates a perfect example of Divine Law, and helps the Initiate to understand the purpose of the work, as many seek  this form of divination only for selfish gain, will only find themselves in for a rude awakening. The knowledge and energy that the Initiate gains from Gate-Walking, is provided by the DinGir, so that the Initiate can resolve some of the issues that affect them and the world overall. The reason for this is very interesting, and reveals why the Simon Necronomicon was called the “Necronomicon.” 

Different than popular opinion Simon had every right to title his book the Necronomicon, for as we shall see, it is the true art of Necromancy. The term Necronomicon has been defined by some as “The Book of the Law of the Dead.” This seems to indicate that the workings of a “Necronomicon” would have a lot to do with understanding the Abode of the Dead. Ironically, H. P. Lovecraft said that the name came to him in dreams, and as noted earlier in our discussion, dreams are a medium of communication between human society and the spirit world, or in this case the world of the dead. 

Some have stated that the Simon Necronomicon is an actual grimoire, but is not the ” Necronomicon” that Lovecraft descried in his fictional stories, and this is a true opinion, but this does not mean that the Simon book is not a “Necronomicon.” I can make this statement by the very reason that the Initiate must invoke various deities that were one popularly revered by the people of ancient Mesopotamia. This in itself concerns the “law of the dead.”  Alfred Jeremais describes these deities in The Babylonian Conception of Heaven and Hell on pages 32-33: 

“In the “eternal palace,”  however, the inmost sanctuary of the Underworld, there is a spring (?) of the water of life, guarded, apparently, by the Anunnaki, already known to us as demons of the sepulchral world. Only indeed by violence and with the help of the god Ea can this water be reached…The fact also that a whole series of divinities are distinguished by the epithet ” raiser of the dead “is connected with the same oder of ideas. It is, indeed, the Sun and Spring gods especially that are said to love to wake the dead…Of Samas, the Sun god, it is said, ” to make the dead live, to free the captive lies in thy hand. The god Nebo is praised as he ” who lengthens the days of life and raises the dead. ” But above all it is Marduk, god of the Early Sun and the Spring Sun who is spoken of as ” the compassionate one, whose joy is in raising the dead,”….The same power of  ” raising the dead  ” is attributed to Gula, the wife of Marduk, who moreover is called ” the lady raiser of the dead,” 

From the above passages we can determine that the Gate-Walking rights of initiation is a tour of the land of the dead. However, this initiation is the most ancient rite that the Initiate must undergo to achieve Immortality, which is covered in one of our previous articles, The Ancient Art of Gate-Walking. It is during this same initiation that the candidate learns the essence of what is known as divine law. Notice what is mentioned in the Magan Text: 

“Go, Watcher of the Gate.
Go, NINNGHIZHIDDA, Watcher of the Gate,
Open the Door to ISHTAR
And treat Her as it is written
In the Ancient Covenant.”

The covenant mentioned in this section of the Magan Text, is the same Covenant that the Mad Arab speaks about throughout the various pages of the Simon Necronomicon. It is a covenant between the Spirits of the dead, man, and the Jinn. When one learns the lessons, and principles of divinity, and becomes as a Jinn unto themselves, they are then given authority over the dead. Simon alludes to this heavily in his book Dead Names. On page 235, we read: 

“One is not certain what the Magan text is doing in the Necronomicon, unless it is a history of how these demonic forces came to be loosed upon the Earth in order to educate the magician and inform him of certain secret formulae that can be gleamed from a careful reading of the text. That this may be so is indicated by the next chapter of the book, which is entitled “The Urilia Text,” or “The Book of the Worm.” 

Since the Initiate receives certain powers and control over spirits of the dead, the candidate must adhere to the ancient covenant about these things. But the fact that he/she is given charge over the dead and other spirits is seen in the Mad Arab’s words that follow: 

“I have raised armies against the Lands of the East, by summoning the hordes of fiends I have made subject unto me, and so doing found NGAA, the God of the heathens, who breathes flame and roars like a thousand thunders.” 

When the Initiate establishes a personal relationship with the DinGir then much can be accomplished. But if he/she were to assume that they can control ancient primordial forces by just performing  and incantation from a book, they were never initiated in the first place 

The Ancient One


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