We send our condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of the legendary Kenneth Grant. The time has passed that another star’s light no longer shines on Earth. We were blessed to have you in our experience. You were a family man, a dear friend, a talented writer, and one of the few occultists who understood how to get the goal theat Aleister Crowley had in mind. Our hearts travel to where your spirit is, knowing that you have crossed the Abyss, your soul is at peace.

Long before the Simon Necronomicon was published, Kenneth Grant  was one of the first Western occultist to explore the Lovecraftian Mysteries and discovered some credible evidence of a “live” force behind the names Nyarlathotep, Cthlulhu, and many others. He was one of the foremost “Gate-Walkers” in the modern era. We salute you! More information is available at the link below:


7 thoughts on “The Greatest Gate-Walker Of The 20th Century: Kenneth Grant

  1. Mr. Grant did so much in advancing the Left Hand Path; his Dark Light will be missed in the world, but he has more than earned his retirement. Good Journey, Ipissimus!

  2. Oh man. Such a loss. But it does seem like a good time to go out for a man of his stature.

    You know Warlock, I’ve never believed that Simon Peter wrote the Necronomicon, but I also knew that ours was not the work of a Mad Arab. Donald Tyson’s Nec is much more in line with Arab tradition.

    After reading Grants’ works for myself, and seeing all the similarities, I’m pretty convinced that HE was the actual author of our Necronomicon, and that he wrote it precisely to fulfill the works of both Crowley and Lovecraft. Everything adds up to it in my mind. Simon Peter could still have been his completely unwitting accomplice, and the book could just have easily been stolen from a rare occult library by corrupt monks as having been deliberately planted into Simon’s hands.

    So I propose that we are saying goodbye not just to a great occultist of the 20th and 21st centuries, but of the author of our work itself.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Now you are starting to get it! He was taught by Crowley himself and had some documentation that was given to him by Crowley, but sense he stepped a way from the Caliphate OTO, he did not have the authority to publish the works of Crowley, according to law. But he could publish the works by mixing it in with Lovecraft fiction. Kenneth Grant is Frater X. Peter Levenda was just a fron man and also a good editor for the work. If you go on youtube and listen to the debate between Jason King and myself, I go into a little detail as to where my sources are from. Stay Blessed!

  3. I thought as much from our previous conversations, Brother. You’ve just given me the confirmation I needed. I thought the beginning of “Outer Gateways” sounded way to familiar to be coincidence. I hope to meet him on the sands of the Empty Space one of these nights; I’m sure it will be an interesting conversation!

  4. Whats the first step to be taken, in the journey through the ‘LEFT HAND PATH’ ?

  5. Ivan Block says:

    I could not agree more I consider Kenneth Grant a GRAND MASTER and his books are a must have!

    Blessed Be!
    Ivan Block

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