Love and Light! I would like to welcome everyone to the Papers in the Attic blog page. This site features writings from practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon and their discoveries, experiences, and insights. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and may your day be filled with grace of the goodness. Enjoy!

The Papers in the Attic staff you like to thank everyone for their support and participation since the start of this blog page. It has truly been a blessing to be able to interact and get to know many of you on a personal and spiritual level. While it was announced in a recent post that Dumu Abzu and myself, Simon Magus, would continue monitoring and publishing for the page, we have decided that in the best interest of our readers and initiates to discontinue this. I have outlined the changes that will occur and their reasons below:

The Asaru Clan message-board will no longer be active and has been deleted. Any posts and links that were made prior to such will also be deleted from this blog page.

The Necronomicon Hall of Fame Page is the only active part of this blog page that will continue to be updated. Updates for the Hall of Fame page will no longer be announced, but the reader can visit such to check for updates.

Those who would like to explore the Necronomicon Mysteries and the seek initiation by means of the gate-walking process please check our list of links for a suitable organization that provides information pertaining to such. If you are already working with a mentor from the Asaru Clan, they will continue to provide counsel by means of email. For those who independently have started the process, and seek further information about the system, we advise you to write the editor, Simon, for further information. When a person develops a system, rediscovers one, they have always been instrumental in providing clarity into how the energy works. There are many examples of this process. Crowley developed studies for those wishing to investigate the Book of the Law further. Kenneth Grant and Michael Betiaux did the same in their respected fields. Warlock Asylum has done the same with Art of Ninzuwu, along with Gregory Peters in his work. It is an act of responsibility by the author of such works to do such. From the interviews that I have read, Simon, does receive and answer email in regards to such. Since our investigation into the Simon Necronomicon Mysteries has ended, any emails inquiring about the Simon tome will be deleted.

In the meantime, we will still be working on the blog page itself, Readers may notice that a few “unnecessary” articles will be deleted. However, most of the information will remain as such and organized that will make it easier to access for the reader.

It is a very exciting time as we celebrate the end of our investigation into the Simon Neronomicon Mysteries. I must say on behalf of all out staff here today, the experience has been very rewarding and it is good to see that others have used of the grimoire as a springboard for future magical and spiritual practice and in their own personal development. This marks the end of an era, not only for those who have worked with the Simon Necronomicon, but the Western occult community at large and this resource will be preserved for the benefit and protection of all who inquire about such workings.

It was indeed a classic time and we wish that all our readers take the love and joy gathered in this experience with them and inculcate it in the day-to-day lives. May you be blessed on your path, never forgetting that the journey is the reward!