Avoid The Toxicity Associated With The Anti-Trump Syndrome

Nobody else has anything else better to do than talk about what President Trump is doing next. People are turning their Facebook accounts into anti-Trump blogs. Men who often frequent porn stores are now complaining that the pus**y is too wet. “Uhmm hum, it’s Donald Trump!” CNN, ABC, NBC, oh the L Train is not working. It’s Donald Trump! Every news outlet, sports arena, and co-worker conversation at the water cooler is all about President Trump!

The irony of it all is that Americans are not worried that President Trump might be a racist. They are not worried about President Trump being a sexist. We’ve seen this in politics all too often. The American people are afraid that President Trump may be able to do what no other President in U.S History has done, which is make good on all his campaign promises. That’s what people are afraid of!  Despite the politics surrounding it all, how can one avoid the toxicity produced by people who have dedicated themselves to an anti-Trump slogan every 30 seconds cause?  Here are a few pointers that you can use to avoid the Anti-Trump Syndrome.

Avoid The Toxicity Associated With The Anti-Trump Syndrome
Avoid The Toxicity Associated With The Anti-Trump Syndrome
  1. It’s interesting to note that while many people who are possessed with the Anti-Trump Toxicity Syndrome claim to be spiritual, they really don’t believe in karma. Their fear of life comes to surface when they meet fear in life. They can practice yoga, Reiki, and everything else behind internet doors, but what they really believe in is that “might is right” and will always out do the spiritual principles that they claim to have faith in. All you have to do is guard your faith and understand the reality of karmic debt.
  1. Take refuge in improving your quality of life. Now is the time to make your life great! There are a lot of people who are addicted to “negative emotions.” It’s the world’s first form of drug addiction. Not matter what occurs in the world, they will always gravitate to feeding on whatever they can get their hands on that will produce a negative emotion. Use each and every day to find a healthy emotion.
  1. Limit the time you spend on social media. Generations that followed the Baby Boomers vowed to never let themselves become couch potatoes, or get old in front of a television. Well, don’t allow yourself to old in front of a computer either. Give way to a new hobby other than entertainment.
  1. This is a very interesting time in history, and has been since former President Obama was elected. Perhaps keeping your own personal journal during this time may become a historical document in the future.
Life, the true creator, is not centered around one individual. All things come and go, but life has its own purpose and mission, which being fulfilled even at this moment. The toxicity of current events is at an all-time high. Although many people are trying to be helpful by exposing some truth that the average person will forever keep in his imagination, when it gets to be too much, shut it down.

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  1. good advice it seems like the right current is in the air if you can find it

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