Based out of Los Angeles, California, the gifted electronic music composer and songwriter Forest Robots (Francisco Dominguez) returns to the music scene with a new song entitled Inevitable. Many of our regular subscribers may remember the interview I hosted with Forest Robots back in February of 2018. Forest Robots has released two critically-acclaimed album Supermoon Moonlight Part One and Timberline And Mountain Crest.

While he is popularly known for his stirring compositions that are cinematic and colorful, Inevitable opens up a new door for Forest Robots to another level of musical expression. Different than Forest Robots’ previous works, Inevitable falls under the genre of alternative music that is infused with elements of electro-dance and modern rock. Inevitable is also a vocal track.

Inevitable begins with the magic of an irresistible beat. Coupled with synth sounds and a chunky bassline, this is truly a track that will keep your head moving in sync with the groove. Inevitable has a very free-spirited structure that is cerebral just as much as it is entertaining. The lead vocal adds a blanket of nostalgia around the whole experience of listening to the song. Forest Robots has created a smooth melody that is equally competent with changing times and the boundaries of fate.

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