Based out of Tampa, Florida, Phantom Phunk has discovered a working formula that is refreshingly impressive. Hector Alexander, Alexa Toro, and Nick Emiliozzi are the core members of this awesome alternative rock band. Phantom Phunk is all about the vibe as their sound has evolved from a merge of progressive and classic rock to the cutting edge of musically gardening a hip-hop landscape. Phantom Phunk’s latest single titled Everywhere You Go perfectly expresses the group’s rebirth and creativity.

Everywhere You Go is a captivating song that incorporates the expertise of rap artist Cloud Master Price into its scheme. Phantom Phunk does an excellent job in laying down a musical landscape that keeps the listener feeling like they are on the edge of the world. If there is such a thing as world rap music then Everywhere You Go could definitely be referenced as its invention. Alexa provides an excellent vocal performance on the hook and backing vocals. Cloud Master Price drops some profound bars with his timeless delivery. His energy compliments the group’s chemistry. Phantom Phunk are building a legacy for themselves that can easily be seen Everywhere You Go.

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