WOLFSKULL is a delightful offering for devotees of improvisation and experimental music. The project is a collaborative effort of veteran musicians Yvonne Nussbaum (piano, vibes, organ) and Jörg A. Schneider (drums, electronics). Both Nussbaum and Schneider have been involved in music for over thirty years, have released records, and performed in numerous venues. WOLFSKULL’s experience compliments the depth of their sound, musical concepts, and overall approach to recording.

Released under The Black Record Company, WOLFSKULL’s self-titled debut album is composed of eight sonically delicious tracks that are seasoned with elements of electronica, jazz, and hints of industrial noise. The album is available on all digital platforms and a special CD edition, limited to only three hundred copies is available directly from the artist.

WOLFSKULL’s theatrical presentation begins with the gripping up close & personal, a wonderfully executed improvisation featuring a scattered dialogue of piano and drums. The album appears to offer a haunting array of emotions that lead us to a dark tranquility. Red deer, my dear!!!, one of my favorite tracks on the album, presents a well-composed example of WOLFSKULL’s emotional muse behind the album’s continuity. Yet, there are many other inspiring facets of this album that invites us into its path. The cynical smiling skull and you are cosmic now are two tracks that really highlight the genius of this masterful project. WOLFSKULL is a work of art and a lesson in the language of music.


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