Rob Georg is an incredible international singer and songwriter. Originally from Germany, Georg has crafted an amazing expression of country music that is both captivating and gripping. Much of Georg’s creative genius is fueled by real-life experience, which adds a quality of depth to his lyrical content. His latest single titled Ghost is certainly something that many of us can understand.

Ghost is an emotionally moving tune about losing someone close to us. Although this stage of life is probably the most feared human experience that we are forced to embrace, Georg’s words and music add some understanding to what is often interpreted as a senseless situation. Ironically, Ghost takes the chill off the air when it comes to this subject.

Georg is able to provide a sonically visual experience through the lyrics and rhythm of Ghost. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one will find Georg’s words to be identical with their own, and this is something that provides a great sense of healing in itself. Musically, the track’s slow tempo and whaling electric guitar all contribute to the mood of loss and healing. Georg’s vocal tone and metaphoric description in the song is like hearing wise words from an old friend during the time of bereavement. Ghost by Rob Georg is a daring musical charm that all can draw comfort from.

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