A few weeks ago, I had the profound honor of getting to know the work of this “melodic Athena” and insatiable, yet daring songstress, during my review of her single Get Gone. Rockie Brown returns to the music world with the newly-released epic song Hero that is sure to carve a permanent place in the hearts of her audience. Hero is an amazing tune that got approved for NPR’s 2019 Tiny Desk Contest and Mixmag. The track is off of Rockie Brown’s newest EP Mad World.


Based out of Los Angeles, Rockie Brown’s blunt demeanor, exceptional beauty, and unprecedented talent has set this soulful diva on a path of undeniable success and acting ambassador for many people who go through life without a voice. Hero personifies all these things but also unveils Rockie’s incredible talent as a singer. Not only does Hero afford Rockie the opportunity to establish an absolutely amazing precedent as a vocalist, but deliver an enchanting message with lyricism that many of us can relate to psychologically as she sings about the complexities of being trapped in a nine-to-five job and just having to pretend to be something other than what we are during work hours. Rockie Brown is the newest Hero on the block and her music allows us to peer inside of our hearts and minds, led by her voice as the guiding force. Hero is something that Rockie Brown was made to be and music is the vehicle she uses to transform lives. Let the movement begin!



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