deep house music

Second Chance (feat.Tantra Zawadi) by Dimi Jazzmon Is Musical Bliss!

The multi-talented poetess extraordinaire Tantra Zawadi is spreading the love once again. Widely-known for bestowing words of enchantment upon audiences worldwide, Tantra is also making a name for herself as a vocalist in the world of house music. As a missionary of the poetic arts, Tantra’s latest collaboration with deejay and producer Dimi Jazzmon on the festive track titled Second Chance is truly invigorating.

Released by Nero Nero Records, Second Chance has charted at number #1 on both Beatport and Traxsource listings. Amazingly, it is one of the few house records where both the remix and regular version hold the charts at the same time. Second Chance opens up with a captivating beat that is totally irresistible. Its an easy groove with strong organic rhythms that are often associated with traditional, yet distinct deep house flavor. Tantra provides a spectacular vocal performance that is uplifting. We are transported by her words to a paradise of love’s renewal. Dimi Jazzmon’s Second Chance (feat.Tantra Zawadi) is certainly a treasure chest of melody for deep house music purists.

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