Based out of the beloved of Eau Claire, Wisconsin comes a daring and inventive pop-rock outfit called Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers. Comprised of lead member Nick Anderson (vocals, guitar), and supported by Jeff Durow Jr. (bass, backing vocals), and Ian McAlister (drums, backing vocals), the group has procured a very nostalgic sound that covers themes of everyday life. The band’s latest single titled King and Queen from the album Ephrem is one tune that is sure to capture your attention.

Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers have put forth one of the best examples of rock music romanticism with King and Queen. Musically, King and Queen possess an eccentric song structure that charms lovers of rock instrumentation that is brisk and free-flowing amid fuzzed-guitar chords, a liquid bassline, and crisp drumming. Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers and additional depth to King and Queen with layered harmonies and a charismatic performance by Nick Anderson himself.

The music video for King and Queen wonderfully expands on its theme while adding a humorous and cynical edge to the song’s meaning. The group is depicted in pleasant outdoor surroundings and occasion we see lead singer Nick Anderson being pursued by a drag queen. King and Queen is a solid love song that equally illustrates Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers creative range.


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