Rap artist Miranda Writes, popularly regarded as The First Lady of Hip-Hop, extends her sovereignty over the music world amid these turbulent times with the release of an explosive single titled The Don.  Miranda Writes has achieved world-renown for her venomous flow and love for music. The exuberant diva brings a nostalgic flair to the world of rap that is both timeless and flavorful.

Produced by Superstarr Beats, The Don captures our ears with a hypnotic voice sample and textured beat. The track’s sublime bassline makes this groove a smorgasbord of delight for any lyricist with a wordplay appetite. Miranda Writes is more than ready, willing, and able to heed this calling by diving straight into this track with a bar-for-bar testimony of awe-inspiring lyricism and bravado that is nothing less than legendary. The Don is a rap treasure chest of gems and Writes-styled proverbs. In her opening lines, we hear Miranda’s verbal craftsmanship in prose like “I don’t trust nobody if their words don’t match their labor!” And if the braggadocious wooing wasn’t enough, Miranda Writes continues to smack her haters who have a hard time embracing how someone can be so beautiful and equally so talented with an impeccable cadence admit chants of flourishing wittiness like “love me or hate me, which spot you felt first?”

Miranda Writes takes The Don by its bootstraps lyrically and breathes further life into its theme of victory in a compelling music video that was directed by The Sekret Servis. The hazy overcast of the city as Writes switches the dress code from scene to scene keeps the listener on the edge of their seat fully immersed in reverence of this lyrical spectacle. The Don by Miranda Writes is something that you don’t want to miss!


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