Based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan the progressive metal band Black Note Graffiti unleashes another musical gem with the release of their single Knights. Earlier this year, I had the honor of getting to learn more about the band and their combustible sound during my review of their song Fallacy. Black Note Graffiti continues to brandish their musical veteranship in these challenging times with an unwavering allegiance to continue expanding upon their unique brand of creativity.

Knights instantly pulls the listener into its world of gritty sonic landscapes with a pulsating beat and bleeding electric guitar strums that paints a larger-than-life metallic atmosphere. Knights embodies a sterling theme of triumph and an equally astonishing and hypnotic hook that is accented with fuzzed-out guitars and slick harmonization. Knights’ energy is not only memorable but is truly one of a kind. Black Note Graffiti has done it again!

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