New Jersey-based rap artist J-Carter continues to shine with a new album titled “Nowhere To Go But Up,” which is expected to be released in February 2021. Over the past three years, J-Carter has exhibited exceptional artistic stamina, releasing several full-length productions and singles, including classic albums like I’m Still Here (2018), Time To Shine (2018), Take Hip Hop Back (2019), and Hip Hop Til I Die (2020) among others.

Vocally, J-Carter is a rap purist and emcee missionary with a message of salvation for the culture and genre. J-Carter leaves no stone unturned and is often noted for his unpredictable wit and immaculate flow. He was the recipient of the Warlock Asylum News 2019 Rap Artist of the Year Award.


J-Carter has reached another stage in his musical evolution with the aptly titled Nowhere To Go But Up. This prolific lyricist always gives you more than what we can imagine, as his productions are fully cinematic. Here‘s an overview of Nowhere To Go But Up:

All About Jersey – A likely album-opening tune and testimony of J-Carter’s percolating genius. The track perfectly demonstrates much of the sky’s-the-limit production that is a signature feature of the new project. The beat is layered with synths and a mutable bassline. The drum pattern is very sophisticated but fitting for J-Carter’s harmonics and rapid wordplay that transforms itself into a New Jersey anthem, where he invites all to chime in on the phone.

Code Red – J-Carter always has a knack for keeping things real and uniquely ably to build movie scenes from everyday life. Code Red is a fruitful production about getting caught up in the crossfire of a scorned woman, who finds out that her man has another woman. The production is on fire and is further enhanced by the soulful charms of a guest male vocalist singing on the hook. Hopefully, we’ll see this track as a single.

I am One Drink Away – Another example of the diversity that Nowhere To Go But Up divulges. This track about alcoholism is equally intoxicating. The acoustic guitar loop provides a warm atmosphere for the listener to absorb themselves with cunning musical terrain. The repetitious who and J-Carter’s advancing flow will have you thirsting for more.

My Funeral – This daring tune embraces the idea of what it would be like to attend one’s own funeral. Musically, we are hypnotized by a 70’s styled groove and backing harmonies. J-Carter comes through with a morbid comedy narrative that is certainly destined to become a landmark in hip hop as the first of its kind.

Real Talk – A very inventive offering that captures our attention with an organic soundscape and sparse acoustic instrumentation. J-Carter builds upon the theme of romanticism for the chase and the fair use of urban haikus with love as the objective – Real Talk!

The World’s Insane – A timely rap sang that explores the darker side of the music industry and the sickness found in a world alienated from God. J-Carter expands on the philosophy of going against the grain when it comes to evil. The music is somewhat futuristic but a fitting melody to bring us into the here and now.

What’s That – Possibly the concluding track on the album, it’s an introspective look at the struggles in the world. J-Carter acts as a spokesperson for many of the concerns that we have been forced to consider. What’s That takes into its theme a multitude of topics under its breath- anything from forced vaccines to gay marriage. The track’s smooth demeanor and J-Carter signature flow give the listener some things to think about and hopefully provide a renewed faith in the overall good.

J-Carter has truly put together a masterful work. Nowhere To Go But Up is a full-length album, featuring over twenty songs. Each track is distinct and carries its own dimension while complementing the full body of work. J-Carter continues to dazzle with prose, stories, and a few needed messages in a bottle. This is a rap album that has no boundaries, and for this reason, among others, it is best called a masterpiece.


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