Award-winning producer and rap artist Flippin’ Gothic Fabp eclipses another musical evolution with the release of his newest album titled From My Brain To You. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is often noted for his hard-hitting beats, thick basslines, and romantic jargon for the ladies. His love for urban music and its traditional values is a big source of inspiration for the remarkable catalog of music he has authored.

From My Brain To You represents another brick on the road to success. Fans of Flippin’ Gothic Fabp will see a remarkable difference in this project’s style of production and many of the prose appearing on the album. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is able to put together a crisper sound while maintaining a filtered heavy bass throughout most of the tracks.

Flippin’ Gothic Fabp has gifted fans with a full plate of fifteen smokin tracks. The banquet begins with Vybez Sounding Sweet, a hazy song that proves to embody much of what the listener can expect throughout the album. Other tunes like Spit Row Spit and Bubble Sound Pop embody the continuity of From My Brain To You’s nostalgic terrain and experimental creative guise. Impressive!

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