This is one of our exclusive interviews with one of the most revered artists of the post-modern generation. He is an achiever, believer, and to top of that a dreamer who has always wished to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who encounters his brilliant work. From Mega Drama Astro Takdir Kita to Keluarga Baha Don 2, he always makes a deep impression on the viewer. Here have a look at my exclusive conversation with Mr.Wong Wei Tan.

Warlock Asylum: I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us a little bit about your life and career. However, for some of our readers who may not be familiar with your persona, please introduce yourself. In your own words, who is Wong Wei Tian?

Wong Wei Tian: First of all, thank you so much for this honor as well. I am honestly humbled. I am an actor, model, and a social media icon. Since I have always believed in “Dream Big to Achieve Big,” I am thereby struggling to make my place in this industry. Acting is my passion and I always try to take on challenging roles no matter how small or big the project.  From promotional TVC of Inside Scoop Ice-cream Mooncake to the Mega Drama Astro Takdir Kita, I love new challenges!

Warlock Asylum: Sounds Interesting! Well, what inspired you to get involved in the artistic world and more specifically acting?

Wong Wei Tian: My inspiration was the idea of becoming a force of influence for the good. Since I was very young, I always wanted to influence people with something good. And as I grew older, I found that acting is the best medium to influence people. We see our youth being inspired by different roles and characters, and the energy that goes into imitating them. I believe that this is what forced me to get into acting. I choose different roles and experiment with different forms of acting because I want to bring a social revolution through my art and work.

Warlock Asylum: You are really mature for your age! Tell us a little bit about your background. How was life for Wong Wei Tian during childhood?

Wong Wei Tian: Life was really fun for Wong Wei Tan. But I always wanted to move out of the comfort zone and explore something new and adventurous. Hence, acting became my passion. Though everyone around me was not that supportive, I do understand that this is how life is and continued to live for my dream. Surprisingly, I even left my University to pursue my dream of acting.

Warlock Asylum: So what were some of the challenges and struggles that you had to overcome in order to become the acting sensation that you are today?

Wong Wei Tian: Well, to everyone who thinks life is a bed of roses is definitely not doing it the right way. Like every other struggling artist, I also had to work really hard. I grabbed onto every opportunity. As I said earlier, not everyone around me was supportive. I had to play extras, go to auditions at different places, and faced rejections as well. But being strong-minded, I did not give up on my dream. And now, you see that extra boy in the projects is being cast for main leads as well.

Warlock Asylum: We agree that hard work pays off. When did the doors of success open up for you? How did you land opportunities in Mega Drama Astro Takdir Kita and Keluarga Baha Don 2, Pilot Drama, and Keluarga Pasar?

Wong Wei Tian: Well, as I mentioned earlier, I used every opportunity to get further and further into the industry. I gave multiple interviews. In 2018, I got my real break into this industry. And I believe the more I experimented with different roles, the more opportunities I got.


Warlock Asylum: One admirable thing about your persona is that you often use your influence to encourage others to be happy and pursue the best part of them. Can you share with us what is it that motivates you to become a source of encouragement for others?

Wong Wei Tian: I believe it’s the audience who makes you a star. When I joined this field, my main purpose was to influence people and spread positivity. I have not forgotten that. I think the more smiles you spread, the more positive you become. During this pandemic, I got a fair chance to spread positivity, laughter, and joy among my audience. When the world was struggling really hard, I wanted to play my little role to bring the lost smiles and the best part was the response of my audience. Each comment on social media, each personal message, and each like on my posts matters to me. When I see anyone smiling because of me, it automatically makes me smile and motivates me to do even more.

Warlock Asylum: How have your relationships with family and friends changed getting involved in the acting industry?

Wong Wei Tian: To be very honest, initially I thought it would be hard to manage both my personal and professional life. However, what I observed is that gradually your relationships have to evolve. Not everyone who sits with you is your friend and not everyone who apparently doesn’t show concern is your foe. When I entered this field I got to know so much about the real faces of and those who are really dear to me. I share my success and failure, laughter, and sorrow.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the things that you learned about yourself since pursuing a career in acting?

Wong Wei Tian: Since the beginning, I had the idea that acting is my passion and I have the potential to be an actor. But what I didn’t know was the versatility I possessed.  I must admit, I was not that daring. You have seen me playing a Chef as well as a passenger in Selamat Jalan Tahun Baru Cina, a telefilm by RTM. I played the role of an assistant too in Keluarga Baha Don 2. I played the character of a sportsman, a goalkeeper, and a student in Mega Drama Astro “Takdir Kita”. Another student character with the guitar was played by me in FA Mid-Autumn Festival – a short film. I played a college student in Selamat Hari X Jadi. Then you saw me as Orang Thai in Drama Pilot, which was quite a challenging role. You also saw me as Askar Komunis in Hari Pahlawan Documentary. So yeah, I think I became more versatile after being in this industry.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to other inspiring actors and actresses who are trying to get into the industry?

Wong Wei Tian: Every time when I am asked this question I feel a bit awkward. I am just 21 and way too young to advise someone. But, If you have to ask, I will give a few tips and tricks to all those struggling artists. Firstly, don’t be afraid of challenges. Work real hard until you achieve your goal. Start with a smaller one and then enhance your circle of desires as you grow. But remember work hard for it, don’t beg but earn fame. And lastly, never underestimate any opportunity; you don’t know what God has kept in it for you.

Warlock Asylum What can we expect to hear from Wong Wei Tian in the near future? Any final thoughts.

Wong Wei Tian: Isn’t it too early to disclose it, Haha! Well,l I am working on several projects and soon I will surprise my audience with some very interesting and different roles. I just hope that everybody will love it the same way as they have loved my previous projects. Right now let everyone stay curious of what is cooking inside.

Warlock Asylum: Lastly, can we know where the audience can interact with you?

Wong Wei Tian: Yes definitely, if anybody wants to have a shout-out or a special message, they can Click here and book me for a special shout out. I love to be a part of the shout-out family and would love to make my people smile. Also, you can check my social media handles to stay more updated.

Instagram: @weitian0316        Tiktok: @weitian0316

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish you all the best in your artistic endeavors. Please keep us posted about future successes.

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