the sound of l.a.

The maestro of smooth grooves Michael B. Sutton returns with yet another delightful offering upon the release of his new single T.S.O.L.A. (The Sound Of L.A.). Sutton is often noted for his work with Motown Records and has consistently remained active as an artist and producer in recent years. In fact, T.S.O.L.A. is the second single Sutton has released in less than three months, the first being Sex U, which came out this past September.

T.S.O.L.A. has an enchanting vibe. The track draws its sonic landscape from elements of both r&b and contemporary jazz. T.S.O.L.A. opens with the well-orchestrated sounds of synth strings and a driving beat before breaking into its intoxicating bassline and layered brass instruments that add much to this composition’s depth. Sutton ingeniously sets up the song’s structure, giving voice to lead instruments like the piano and the saxophone.

Sutton concludes T.S.O.L.A. with a festive arrangement that maximizes certain elements of the track by bringing the bass and electric guitar to the forefront of the melody. An additional brass section is added that perfectly accents the language of guitar and percussion occurring within the measure. T.S.O.L.A. is an exceptional tune blessed with a certain musical charm that can be appreciated by people of all walks of life. Sutton has successfully created a musical gem that will stand the test of time. T.S.O.L.A. keeps music fun, sophisticated, and adds a colorful portrait for devotees of contemporary jazz. T.S.O.L.A. has the expected released date of November 30th, 2018 and will be available on all digital platforms. For more info, please visit: 

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