Based out of Lyons, Colorado, the candid sounds of singer and songwriter Jay Scott emerge onto the music scene once again with a new single titled Wreckage of Now. Scott has a crisp rock sound that is a soulful fusion of the blues, classic rock, and modern country music. Scott’s musical upbringing and life journey have inspired a fresh catalog of material that speaks to the heart of the listener.

Wreckage of Now is the title track from Jay Scott’s newest album. The song’s upbeat tempo and stirring energy are extremely warm. As one can ascertain from the track’s title, Wreckage of Now is a hip drinker’s hummer, that covers the scenario of drowning oneself in the booze and some of the challenges such a lifestyle can bring.  in a fun-loving manner. Scott provides an awesome vocal performance that perfectly compliments the tune’s moving electric guitar play. Wreckage of Now is an instant charmer that warms the heart.

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