Based out of Los Angeles, California, the veteran rock music outfit known as Willard Overstreet and the Highborn Kinsmen are set to release a new album titled All We Are on October 29th, 2021. The group’s vintage rock sound is led by the creative expertise of singer and songwriter Willard Overstreet. Although the backfield of the band has changed from time to time, its core membership has played with the group since the 90s.

All We Are is comprised of eleven powerful tracks that feature guitar-laden melodies and brilliant musical landscapes. Willard Overstreet and the Highborn Kinsmen have built a unique sonic terrain by means of crisp instrumentation, proverbial lyricism, and catchy hook phrases. The project begins with the tantalizing song titled Give It All Away, which sets the tone of what is to follow.

The album’s continuity is greatly enhanced by the band’s free-spirited approach to recording, as can be seen on tracks like Devil’s Man and Feel So Good. Willard Overstreet’s vocal performance is startling and equally seductive. Overall, All We Are by Willard Overstreet and the Highborn Kinsmen is a unique adventure that will surely capture your heart with its soulful presentation.