The Urilia Text

The following articles give insight and clarity into the Simon Necronomicon’s Urilia Text:

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The Urilia Text is an Elder God Rite Too

Mysteries of the Gate of Arzir Revealed in the Urilia Text

Understanding The Urilia’s Text Placement in the Simon Necronomicon

What Does Malcolm X, Beast Xeno, H.P. Lovecraft, & Harriet Tubman All Have In Common? The Eminent Mind of the Urilia Text?

 The Antiquity of The Urilia Text’s Hymn to The Ancient Ones

 The Hidden Key of Esoteric Prayer In The Necronomicon Tradition Part 1: Fire of the Earth

A Lamentation to One’s Personal God, or ILU MUŠALIMMU, as Found in LUDLUL BÊL NÊMEQI

 Erech, Adueni, and the Cult of the Dead

 Ishtar’s Placement in the Cult of the Dead