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The Billionaire and the Bartender by Jillian Janson: A Masterpiece In Progress

A Review of Alchemy―The Great Work: A History and Evaluation of the Western Hermetic Tradition by Cherry Gilchrist

Unknown Facts About The BuddhaNomicon: Creating A Necronomicon Empire

BuddhaNomicon: The Simon Necronomicon Unveiled Through The Art of Ninzuwu – Now On Amazon

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The Ghost Years by Mutch Katsonga: A Literary Masterpiece

Interview With Breakfield and Burkey Authors Of The Enigma Series

Interview With Children’s Book Author Kristin Anderson Cetone

A Review of The Necronomicon by James K. Campbell Jr.

The Enheduanna Online Library: Hundreds of Free Books Are Available To Readers in Digital Format

The Moabitess Stone: Moorish America’s Solution To The Problems Facing The Black Conscious Community by Warlock Asylum

The Necronomicon Tradition’s Top 25 Books For Initiated Practitioners

Warlock Asylum’s Review of “When Rocks Cry Out” By Horace Butler

Warlock Asylum’s Review of The Tao of Wu by The RZA

Can You Really Achieve “Enlightenment” By Reading Books That Were Downloaded Illegally?

New Information About the Simon Necronomicon in The Marie Laveau Corpus Text

The Marie Laveau Corpus Text – Is Now Available on Amazon!

The Sacred Text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama by Warlock Asylum- Introduction by Ashida Kim

The Origin of God: An Excerpt From The Genealogy of God by Warlock Asylum

The Genealogy of God By Warlock Asylum Is Now Available on Amazon

Warlock Asylum’s Review of THE AGE OF I KNOW: UNMASKING THE MAGICIANS By Vera Courtenay

Warlock Asylum Interviews THEGOD720: The Most-Dangerous Mind of Our Modern-Age

A Second Look At Lovecraft: Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Author Bobby Derie

The End of an Era: The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan by Simon Magus

Ivory Tablets of the Crow: A Translation of the Sumerian Tablets of Destiny Is Now Available on Amazon!

What Will The Forthcoming Translation of the Sumerian Tablets of Destiny Mean For Enochian & Necronomicon Practitioners Alike?

Nightcaller’s Bibliography & Suggested Reading List

The Sacred Text of Asharu Culture is Now Available: The Oracle of Enheduanna

Warlock Asylum’s Review of Liber Quantum by T.C. Eisele

Simon Magus Interviews Amaya Taoka: The Brooklyn Geisha

Brooklyn Geisha: The True Story of Amaya Taoka

The Simon Necronomicon – Its Author and its Authenticity

Necronomicon Practitioner’s Library: The Doctrine of Sin in the Babylonian Religion by Julian Morgenstern

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The Scapegoat

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