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Vigilante Psychology is expressed by people of all walks of life. Human behavior can be quite charming to say the least. Magicians, mystics, shamans, warlocks, and witches had to endure persecution in every nation around the world. The endurance of the occultist against such prejudice could only be maintained by those who cultivate a “vigilante psychology.” Listed below are articles that display the essence of this approach to society:

Black Nationalism Is The CIA and FBI’s Best Weapon Against Black People

How Did Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Deal Turn Rapper KRS-One Into A Prophet?

Democracy Is Not A Theocracy

How Can You Help An O.G. That’s Going Through A MidLife Crisis?

Can The Occult Origins of the Lottery Explain Why Many of Its Winners Face Misfortune?

Thank You, Dick Gregory, For Your Gift To Humanity

America’s New Epidemic: The Regentrification of Racism

As Reports of Women Being Raped by Cab Drivers Have Increased Dramatically – What Can Women Do To Protect Themsleves? Is Uber The Answer?

Spitting on the Ground? It’s the New form of Male Cruising

One Reason Why The Hood Rejected The Idea of a Million Women’s March

Finally Accepting Letting My Spirit Spouse Into My Life

How To Determine A Person’s Sexual Behavior Based On Their Facebook Profile

Perpetrated by Blacks & Whites: This Ancient Form of Discrimination is Now Taking The Lives of Children

A Secret Admirer’s Letter To A Facebook Woman

MTA Commuters Beware Of the Counterfeit Good Samaritan

Unfortunately Many Missed The Lesson That Hurricane Sandy Was Trying To Teach Us

Forgiveness is An Act of Self-Awareness

What Makes Humans Prone To Imitate Negative Behavior?

Fear: The Antagonist of Self-Awareness & Medically-Proven To Be The Cause of Aging and Disease

Spiritually Its Not Good To Bring A Knife To A Gunfight


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